Dazzle your Kids with God’s Grace


One of the best parenting book I have been recommending my friends when they ask what book has helped shaped my parenting is  Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick. This book has helped me tremendously on living out the gospel and dispensing the grace of God in our family.

I have two daughters Alyanna and Mika. I remember an episode last year with my eldest daughter. There comes a time in a life of our kids when we don’t understand why they act or think a certain way. Alyanna was 5 at that time and there was a season where the issue of pride would always come up.

We never teach our kids to be prideful and I guess it is man’s sinful nature being exposed in situations like these. During one of our intense conversation where I was feeling discouraged because I feel that I was not getting through with my eldest, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the gospel and the principles I have learned from the book Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus. Here was our conversation:

Me: Alyanna, daddy doesn’t know what to do anymore. Do you know that what you did was wrong and sinful???

Alyanna: Yes.

Me: Then why can’t you say sorry. SORRY is so simple to say. Why?

Alyanna: I don’t want!

Me: Why? Is it because you feel you are right?

Alyanna: No I just don’t want to say sorry.

At this time I could see myself in Alyanna. Where else could she get her pride? From…. Satan and …… DADDY!!!

Me: Alyanna, I have given you to the rod already and I think the issue now is not if you will get more ROD. You see the ROD reminds you of your sin but it will not change your heart. ( I started pointing at her heart). Alyanna, sin makes us blind to what is right. Sin destroys us. And your pride is sin and there is no way the rod can keep that pride away from your heart. Only the Holy Spirit can help you… do you understand?

Alyanna: No, I don’t understand.

Me: Alyanna, even if we stay here and daddy just forces you to say sorry so that this would be all over, it won’t change your heart. Only Jesus can change your heart. The reason we can say sorry is because Jesus loves us and forgave us even when we were still sinners. When you were bad, Jesus chose to love you.

Alyanna: But Dad, I don’t want to say sorry. It is hard to say sorry. I think I cannot say sorry. I need Jesus to help me because I cannot say sorry.

Me: Yes Alyanna, that is what the Bible says. On your own, you cannot say sorry. Only Jesus can help you to say sorry and remove the pride in your heart. Do you want Jesus to help you?

Alyanna: Yes but it is hard dad.

Me: Let us pray Alyanna. “Lord, we thank you for Jesus, because even though I was bad, Jesus forgave me. Even if I was proud, Jesus forgives me and loves me. Lord, please help me to say sorry and remove my pride. Give me a new heart. I need the Holy Spirit to help me do this.. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Alyanna: Dad, I am sorry for being proud. I am sorry.

Me: Great Alyanna, Now you know that Jesus loves us and that He can change us okay?

Alyanna: Yes dad but I just want to say it is still hard to say sorry.

Me: It’s ok. Everytime you feel like you can’t say sorry and pride comes, ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Alyanna. Okay dad but it is hard!!!

Me: Holy Spirit Alyanna, Remember Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Conversations in our house have changed as we dispense God’s amazing grace. I know all of us in the family will make mistakes and commit sin, but because of God’s grace we are being transformed from glory to glory.  Thank you Jesus for your grace!!!

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