Crystal Jade and the Lost Xiao Long Bao


Here is my 2nd food review entry. If you drop by Greenhills and you feel like giving yourself a treat ( since this restaurant is quite pricey) then try

Crystal Jade

Virra Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Missouri St. San Juan City, Metro Manila

(02) 570-6910

What to Order:

1. Crispy Eel in “Wu Xi” Style (P288).

A friend treated us here and we had the eel as our appetizer and it set us up for a wonderful dinner. The sauce and the taste of the eel is really good. It is like eating Chicharon with a Chinese twist.

2. Noodle with Dried Shrimp and Peanut in Spicy Sauce (P288).

This is our favorite. I think this is as of the present the most delicious noodle I have tasted in the Philippines. I am not a fan of spicy noodles but with this noodle I am willing to compromise. Thammie and I would sometimes eat here and just order this noodle. Serving is good for 2 already.

3. Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling “Xiao Long Bao” 5 pcs. (P158).

Crystal Jade’s pride is the legendary Xiao Long Bao which is really a disappointment. I think the Xiao Long Bao is overrated. I have tasted better Xiao Long Bao somewhere else. If I were the owner I might change the name of the restaurant to “CRYSTAL JADE Noodle with Dried Shrimp and Peanut in Spicy Sauce”.


1. Lemon Chicken – I couldn’t taste the chicken. It was more like lemon flour. Every time we go to a chinese restaurant, we try to order Lemon Chicken since my kids love it. This one failed in comparison to HAP CHAN’s lemon chicken located in Annapolis St. Greenhills.

2. XIAO LONG BAO – overrated. Eat just for experience’s sake. Well, this is just my personal opinion!!


Taste: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 5/5

Staff: 5/5

Price: 3/5

Am I coming back? Just for the Noodle with Dried Shrimp and Peanut in Spicy Sauce, I would be coming back.

Thank you Awesome Planet for the pictures.



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