Crafting the Win for our Worship Services

Yesterday our team evaluated our worship services and clarified our win when it comes to our worship services for Sundays and Wednesdays. It is always important to clarify and evaluate the things we do in order to get better.

After going through the details, here is our newly improved WIN for our worship services:

1. Relevant

– we want our services to be relevant since the message of the gospel is the most relevant thing in the world. Sometimes we communicate it in a way where people coming can’t connect the gospel and the Scripture to their everyday life.

– we want people to invite their friends and family who are not yet going to church thus we want our services to be relevant even to people who haven’t attended church.

2. Life- Changing

We could have the greatest music, the greatest communicator but if there are no stories of transformation and restoration – then why are we being relevant. It is always a win for us to see people getting saved, being involved in church, being empowered to make disciples. We never get tired of hearing marriages being restored, young people giving their life to Jesus, singles committing to a life of purity, men embracing  biblical manhood.

3. Biblical

– we are only going to teach what Scripture is telling us. We design our services to be God-honoring. We start on time, we end on time. We preach the Bible and not our opinion. We point people to Jesus and we want to see them loving the Word and reading it.

– we can be innovative but at the same time not compromising the message of the gospel. We preach Christ and Him crucified.

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