Confessions of the clueless pastor part 3

Being a pastor is not an easy job. Don’t get me wrong I love it and I won’t trade anything for it. But here are some funny but true remarks that might run through your pastor’s mind.

1. I don’t know everything. – in our culture people tend to think we have all the answers in life. Bad news – we don’t. If you come to me and ask for sime business decisions I can pray for you but don’t expect me to give you the wisest financial decision. I would love to refer you to someone who might know better.

2. I pray to the same God – don’t you just wonder why so many people come to pastors for prayer when they could pray to the same God. Some people thought that we are closer to God or our prayers are more effective. Hey we pray to the same God and I think HE would appreciate if you go straight to Him for your prayer concerns.

3. We do work 6 days a week – People always ask me so what do you do on weekdays? Well I watch TV all day, play my computer, blog and bum around. NO! Leading a church is a lot of work. Meetings – staff meeting, counselling meeting, marriage meetings, hangout with your leaders, prayer meetings, leadership meetings, preparing your sermon, praying.It’s more than a 9 to 5 job. We can;t schedule funeral services, we can’t schedule baby dedications and we don’t schedule weddings. Maybe at times it doesn’t feel like work BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

4. We’ve got problems – pastors are not immune to problems. We have budget problems, we have family problems, we have problems just like everybody else but here is the good news – Our God is bigger than our problems.

5. We are not after your offering – as much as I love to have a big offering every week ( because we incur expenses as well) pastoring is not a lucrative job. If your dream is to be a multi millionaire maybe you are not called to be a pastor. Now I’m not for “don’t pay your pastors because they live by faith” I believe pastors should be payed a decent salary but to think that we are after your money – you’ve got it all wrong. The same way Jesus is not after your money but your heart – that is what we are after. A life transformed by the gospel of Jesus.

6. My wife’s not a paid staff. You might find this only in the Christian world. You pay one guy but you expect two people to work. My wife – as active as she is in church is not a staff. Her number one ministry is her husband – AHEM that’s me. And her number 2 is her kids. Her number 3 is her household duties and nothing else. Just like every member in church she volunteers and it stays that way.

more coming…… once i find the time to WORK.

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