confessions of a clueless pastor


What in the world is volunteer management? I did not have a clue. I remember hearing the word 2 years ago but decided it was for the Peter Drucker’s of this world. But now it is making sense. The church is now on its 2nd year and for the past 2 years we have had 250 volunteers served us. Imagine the church being run by volunteers – w/c means you have to set a system to manage them.

Empowered volunteers need to know what they should be doing. I learned the hard way. For the first two years of ministry we were just telling our people to do STUFF. ALL THE STUFF. Be the Super Volunteer. We did have some casualties with our volunteers. ( if you are one of those volunteers sorry) It was complex and confusing.

I was reading Tim Steven’s book SIMPLY STRATEGIC VOLUNTEERS and learned a new concept on volunteer management called CHUNKING IT.

CHUNKING  means breaking things up to facilitate organizational fluidity and to encourage action. That means we have to chunk it when it comes to our volunteers. We’ve got to tell them the specific thing they need to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Know the skill sets, spiritual gifts and themes of your volunteers so you can place them in the right ministry.