clueless readings for the month of June


Just finished 2 powerful books this week:

1. YOUR MANAGEMENT SUCKS by Mark Stevens – This book is not for the weak of heart. it challenges you, it tells you that you have not yet arrive. Some of it are hard to swallow because it challenges conventional wisdom. For those who wants to be challenge this book is for you.


2. The 3 BIG QUESTIONS FOR A FRANTIC FAMILY by Patrick Lencioni – author of the famous 5 dysfunction of a team. I heard Patrick is a Chrisitan and it sure does show in this book. Finish the book in 2 days. Love every page of this book. We would be applying the lessons I have learned here in my family. A must read for every parent!

3. 1 Kings and Acts – some of the most exciting books in the Bible. Every Christian leader and church planter should study this book. Hundreds of gems to be found in this 2 books.

Currently reading:

1. Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer – a study on why the younger generation are not in church and a look on churches that reaches out to them effectively.


2. FOCUS by Al Ries – reminds you to be FOCUSED on the mission and vision of your organization. Our church is about focusHONORING GOD and MAKING DISCIPLES. That is the focus and I have to remind myself that all the time.

3. God is the Gospel  by John Piper – a pastor must be clear in presenting the gospel. This book shows us the real essence of the gospel – God and Jesus.

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