clean restrooms and church growth

Cleaning The Bathroom

excerpt from Seth Godin’s blog:
Two things are guaranteed at the remarkable DinTaiFung restaurant in Taipei: the extremely long line outside and the size/weight of their world famous steamed juicy pork dumplings. Each dumpling uses only the freshest ingredients, weighs a precise 0.74 oz, and has exactly 18 folds.  In 1993, NY Times named DinTaiFung as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world.  Even with many outlets worldwide today, thousands of tourists still visit Taipei every year just to eat at its original location. One of the stories told about the restaurant owner is that he takes the tour buses to hear what people say about his restaurant.  One day, he found that bus stopped before reaching its destination and tourists were encouraged to use the restrooms so that they can avoid using the ones at his restaurant.  He went back and installed the most advanced toilets available in the restrooms and made sure that they were cleaned every 15 minutes.  Since then, the restrooms at DinTaiFung also became one of the most talked about topics for tourists.

It reminds me of the story of this very successful lawyer who once attended our church at the Fort. The first place he checked was the restroom. His measure of whether he was coming back to church or not was the restroom. To his amazement, he saw the restroom so clean that he can even poo anytime. He is now one of our active and fruitful leader in church.

Never underestimate the power of a clean restroom.

Cleaning The Bathroom

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