“Fanaticism is redoubling your efforts after your aim has been forgotten.” – Amborse Bierce.

The thing we fight for early on our church plant was clarity of vision. Without a clear vision, we might be wasting our time. We end up doing things that we shouldn’t be doing.clarity-cover350x350

In this world, fewer than 3 percent of people have clear written goals. Zig Ziglar says “Written goals transform you from a wandering generality into a meaningful specific.”

In Victory – our vision is clear : Honor God and Make Disciples. It is imprint in every heart of our members that the reason why we exist is because we want t0 HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

Once we know our goals we can work on it with laser like  focus and not waste anytime. For 2010, in light of our Honor God and Make disciples vision – we are introducing a RALLY CRY

A Rally cry is something we would work on in light of our vision for a certain period of time. For 2010, our rally cry is 80%

80% of our members would be part of a small group.

80% of our members are experiencing spiritual community.

80% of our member sharing life together.

We are excited. We plan to focus all our efforts in making sure this happens ( by grace and faith).

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