cheap hires or expensive weirdos?

If given a choice to hire people in your team – who would you choose?

a cheap hire who could follow instructions really well and does what is required of him. A person who loves to be told what to do and acts on it. A hireling that could easily be replaced when things don’t work out. Advantage is that you get them cheap.


a weird person who innovates, who possesses human qualities, who goes beyond what is expected because it is not the norm. A weird short of heretic who does not follow the rules but brings dramatic results to the team. A person who does not need to be told what to do but knows what he is supposed to be doing and takes responsibility for his action. A valuable person who you know would leave a mark once he decides to move on to the next job even if you double his salary because he really is valuable that money can’t pay what he brings to the table.

So it’s your choice – cheap hire or expensive weird?

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