Change the Game


Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Julius Erving,Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, (Yao Ming, Robert Jaworski and Jeremy Lin). What is common to all this men. They change the game of basketball was played. They were the game changers in their own field. Not sure though about the last three (they are my favorite players).

A lot of people live life following what everybody is doing. In sports term – they just keep playing the game. They love the status quo. They never challenge the norm. They end up not satisfied with their work or their art.

You need to decide to be a game changer today. I’ll give you an example. Chinkee Tan is my great friend and my wealth coach. He is good at what he does – inspiring people to change and think positive in their finances, marriage and life. Now Chinkee is part of a bigger group of speakers, trainers and motivators in the Philippines but what sets him apart is that Chinkee is a game changer. He doesn’t just speak – he changes the game. I was surfing the net and saw a game changing idea from Chinkee. He just launched theChink + Money Kit. 

Money-Kit-Box-gray-1024x483He doesn’t just write a book – he gives us the proper tools to make financial peace a reality. He provides the whole deal to remove all excuses. He has once again change the game in the publishing business and the coaching business in the Philippines. No doubt this would be a success!

Well you might say, ” I actually thought of doing the same thing.” The issue is not you thinking about doing it but actually doing something about it.

Another game changer is my pastor Joey Bonifacio. His preaching skill has continually evolved through the years from good to great to really great. He actually taught us to defy the normal when it comes to preaching. He has helped us wrestled with the text, make our own keynote presentation, have a clicker and preach with authority. Some might say that making your own keynote and having your clicker is a small thing – but practicing it now for almost two years have done great wonders for me practically.


Darren Hardy, author of the The Compound Effect, shares how we can change the game:

1. Solution.

Start with what people want. Add value to people by looking for solutions then change the game providing the solution.

2. Process.

How can your methods or process change the game in your field? ( vs Retail Stores, Solar powered panels vs Meralco, Spotify vs Music Cds, Rappler vs Traditional Newspaper)

3. Communication.

How you interact with your target people change the game? Have you made use of social media and create a tribe from Facebook/ twitter and instagram? Have you shifted from boring powerpoints to compelling keynote presentations?

4. Message.

Are people talking about your brand or your art? (TOMS shoes, Starbucks, Dove’s beautiful campaign, Smart Gilas Puso) Is your message aspirational and inspirational? Is it worth listening to?

5. Technology.

Adopt to new technologies. Everybody is going mobile – are you going there? It’s not enough to have social media accounts – are you engaging your tribe? Tech like video streaming, real time connections, #marketing etc.

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