can’t neglect the campus

I was having lunch with Dean Curato of South East Asian College and was surprised when she told me that she was 75 years old. There is no way you would have thought that she was 75. 75 is like really old for you to run a school. Dean looked more like 60 years old.

We started talking about the effects of working with young people. Experience shows that working with young people makes you look young.

My wife last week freaked out when she saw white hairs in my head. It was a sign I need to mingle more with younger people. That is why I love our campus missionaries – Ethel and Bojo ( I feel younger) not that I am old but when you pastor a church – you don’t just pastor the people younger to you – you pastor every age.

God reminded me today – balance your time in building the next generation and challenging and learning from the generation that went ahead of you. It is the only way to make you look young.

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