Build with a Plan

Reading today is Nehemiah 3. Hope you can read the whole chapter!

3 Then Eliashib the high priest rose up with his brothers the priests, and they built the Sheep Gate. They consecrated it and set its doors. They consecrated it as far as the Tower of the Hundred, as far as the Tower of Hananel. 2 And next to him the men of Jericho built. And next to them[a] Zaccur the son of Imri built.

I know this might sound elementary but we tend to forget the basics especially in leading and pastoring the church. Nehemiah was given the task to rebuild the wall and he did not just gathered the people, he gave them job descriptions and areas of responsibility. As you read through Nehemiah 3, you will see that there was a great accountability. Since you know what you are supposed to be doing, then do it.

How many staff meetings have you encountered where we talk about a certain project and there was no follow through because there was no clear delegation of work or the person that was supposed to lead the specific project was not accountable to the whole group. It creates a lot of frustration and it waste the whole team’s time.

Our church must be Spirit-led. It means our meetings must be Holy Spirit-led. It implies that what was agreed upon in the presence of the team and with the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit must be accomplished.

Build with a plan pastors. Don’t just wing it. God has given us the wisdom we need to lead His church.