breaking the rules

Most of the people who have achieved success BROKE SOME RULES. I am not talking about breaking God’s commandments but rules that we thought works but in reality don’t.

People who challenge conventional wisdom are on the forefront of leadership. Let me give you some real life examples

Pastor Steve Murrell – started a church 25 years ago reaching the students of Ubelt Recto. This is a career ending move. You don’t start a church at Recto, reaching students who won’t be able to financially sustain the movement. At present, Victory meets in 13 locations in Metro Manila with 30,000+ members.

Seth Godin – marketing guru who is a best selling author. Gave away his books for free. Another dumb move you say. But after being the most downloaded ebook he published the same ebook and it became an instant hit.

Carlo Ople – everybody is trying to be safe, be tradtional but not Carlo Ople. He started focusing on new media in the Philippines. People might say Carlo that is a fad – but Carlo is smiling today and traditonal marketers are scratching their head.

Golden City Alliance Fellowship – the first church I saw where the senior pastor was not the main speaker. In the Philippines that is unheard of. They broke the cardinal rule of church government. Today they are making organizational changes in their structure again to accomodate the next level of growth in their church. GCAF is the biggest evangelical church in Cagayan de Oro.

Are you willing to break the rules? I’ll be starting a series about breaking the rules of Church planting this week. So watch out for it!

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