Books that has been Disturbing Me this Month


Here are the 3 books I am reading this month.

1. Linchpin by Seth Godin – his best book yet. I love how he challenges us to think and call us to be indispensable by adding value to our work and putting some emotions to it. Must read for everyone.

2. The Elephant in the Room – a novel on personal finance. I love the easy reading of this book. I still have 4 copies left of the book. Defintiely a must read for those who are serious about their finances. Could be read in one sitting.

3. Religion Saves and None Other Misconceptions by Mark Driscoll – I am a Driscoll fan and every book he writes make me more knowledgable and deeper in God’s word. He always stirs something in me when I read his books.

How about you – what book is currently disturbing you?