Bojo is our youth pastor!

Bo who? Bojo! That’s ojo with a B. Bojo or Ferdinand is a gem! Bojo is like a 3rd pick on the first round draft pick. A Michael Jordan in the making. (Bojo, no pressure). Sam Bowie’s nowhere, Drexler is coaching a high school team, Jordan is a legend.

Bojo is a tireless worker, would always do the dirty job of church planting (w/c includes doing follow up calls, reservations, coordinating with ministry heads and at the same time planning for the youth ministry which we will launch January next year).

Since Greenhills is a church plant, the pastoral staff is doubling its effort to make sure all systems are a go starting november 25. Bojo, aside from being our youth pastor would temporarily be our executive pastor as well – which means he is given the pastoral authority to make sure things run smoothly.

Happy to be working with Bojo!

Ps. Bojo loves chinese food so we usually hold our meetings over dimsum and chinese soup. Bojo is on the far right of the pic……

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