blur views on evangelism and discipleship

Is there a difference between evangelism and discipleship? Lots of churches have an evangelism committee/ministry and a discipleship ministry.

Churches have evangelsim programs and discipleship programs.

Churches would normally have two teams – one team for evangelism and the other team for discipleship.


if you clearly look at the biblical pattern you would see that evangelism is part of discipleship. It is not a seperate entity. Once you evangelize a person or engage people you are already starting the discipleship process.

We cannot stop with evangelism the same way a mother doesn’t just give birth and tell her baby to live and survive. We take care fo the baby. We establish his routines. We equip the kid. We empower him to make decisions as he grows as an adult.

So in my opinion – evangelism should be part of discipleship. We can’t seperate it. I hope this blog clears the blur. What do you think?

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