Black Saturday: The Death of Christ


Our family visited the STATIONS of the CROSS at Fort Serendra yesterday organized by the people at Church Simplified which did an amazing job of making the CROSS relevant to us today.

At one of the stations there were crosses displayed for people who are interested to bear the weight of the cross. The heaviest cross was 4x lighter than the cross Jesus carried.

I could not even walk with the cross on my shoulder – and I tried to even manage a decent smile to show my wife that carrying the cross was no big deal.

I could just imagine Jesus – wounded, scarred, tortured carrying the heavy cross – for a sinner like me. He had to pay the price.

But Jesus carrying the cross was not enough to pay for my sin. He had to die on the cross. He had to pay for the penalty of our sin.

Watch this excerpt of the Cross explained by Mark Driscoll

Here are some medical pictures of the crucifixion

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