Bench Deep


Watching the 4th quarter of GAME 3 OF THE NBA FINALS  between the Celtics and the Lakers shows us the importance of a strong bench. There will always be off nights. There will be days when the main guys dont show up. When Paul Pierce, Garnett and Allen goes on a vacation and forgets how to play ball somebody has to step up. Yesterday it was BABY GLEN and NATE who played wonderful basketball.

It reminds me of church and how we should build church. It should never be about the PASTORS. Pastors would have off nights – bad preaching, leadership mistakes, seasons of rest and for the church to fully depend on the pastors to do everything would make it much worse.

That is where the BENCH comes in. I am not talking about paid staff of the church but our volunteers. You can’t have church without great volunteers. Victory Greenhills is blessed to have solid volunteers. The NATE and the BABY GLEN or if you are a LAKER fan – the FARMAR and the ODOMS.

Pastors make it a goal to build your bench so when times come that you don’t have your game face on, the bench carries the load with you.