Be careful when you advise that Jesus is enough

I have learned it the hard way. Somebody comes to me with a problem and my answer is that the problem is that he is not trusting Jesus enough, he is not holding on to Jesus enough. Some I have rebuked harshly because they should know better – Jesus is enough.

But I learned something this year. I dont think I can say with integrity Jesus is enough without attempting to do what Jesus did to “be Jesus” for people.

Some people have gone far to even say if Jesus is enough then don’t take your medicine. If that is the reasoning, then a person who says Jesus is enough must not take any medication as well, or not wear his glasses, ditch his vitamins and not eat food. Jesus is enough.

To say Jesus is enough also means I be like Jesus to the people I say that too. Learn how to empathize and listen, feel the people you minister to and don’t just give BIBLICAL ANSWERS without any emotions.


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