Balancing Pastoring and Fathering

The toughest job, the greatest challenge – balancing work and family.

I go through a battle everyday. The hardest thing to do before leaving office is to leave a crying daughter, a wife who tells you to either work at home or be home early.

We all know that even you spend the last 2 days with your family it is never enough. They wont tell you to go away because they have had enough love coming from you.

On the other hand – we also know there is more work to be done. More souls to save. More people to disciple. It will always be an unfinished work till Christ comes.

So how do we do it? Here are some good reminders I tell myself:

1. Who is more important? My work or my family?

2. Work through your family’s schedule. When the kids sleep early – sleep early with them and wake up at a much earlier time. That means if our kids sleep at 830pm – try sleeping with them and wake up at 4am and start early.

3. Some things would be affected – admit it and receive it. You might not be able to finish your work but the good news is work is still there tomorrow but with your family – you only have a small window of opportunity to raise and influence your kids.

As pastors we can get so caught up with pastoring we forget that our main pastoral duty is with our family. I pray that you find the balance between your work and your family. It is a tough juggling act that can only be achieved through grace and prayer.

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