Bakit ang lalim mo? Why r u deep?

Communicate……. the most important lesson a communicator needs to understand. It is not how eloquent you are, or how high palyuting your words are. Wag ka nang mamoblema kung tagaolg or english, the goal is to communicate. It’s funny how I have read so many blogs and ang ganda ng gamit ng words pero in the end di ko rin maintindihan. I asked myself, “Mahina ba ako magcomprehend?” Is it because the sun does not shine in the day as it is meant to be or when the river seems deep but it really is shallow. Why? Ask me why? I really cannot understand. I try to but it seems I can’t. I have reached the dead end of my knowledge. I try to pursue to get it but it runs faster. It seem so near yet it is so far. Like a sweet hello froma lovely stranger in the street of sympathy. I shouted, I searched, I cried out, “Help, I am lost! I need a revelation of the simplicity of life.” And a distinct voice from the inner sanctum of the unknown world answered, “Magpakatotoo ka!”

In preaching the Word, communicate and don’t impress.