Baby Step 7: Rally Cry

I hope by the time you read this blog you have been applying the baby steps to your marriage makeover. It will not be easy. Your marruage will be tested. So how do you keep the momentum of the makeover going?


Since middle of the year, Thammie and I have been doing our quarterly rally cry. A rally cry is a goal you have for the next 30 to 90 days where the family puts their effort to make it happen. If you are now in the process of rebuilding your marriage some good rally cries are:

1. Date my wife once a week for the next 3 months

2. Go home early and have dinner with the family 5x a week.

3. Say something positive to my spouse once a day for the next 90 days.

Thammie and I are on our 3rd rally cry for the year. I remember our 1st rally cry was to focus our efforts on Mika our 2nd daughter because she had been sickly and was underweight. So for the next 60 days we did our best to help Mika and that means spending more time with her, instead of going out we did things at home with her (since most fo the virus she contacted where outside the home, we made sure she drinks her vitamins and medicine) After 2 months, Mika was back to her old self – laughing, healthy and was building up her vocabulary.

Our next rally cry was our food intake and health. So we did a 40 day veggie, fruits and fish fast. We were able to do it again.

Our nxt one is the gym – w/c I think will ahve to wait till next year.

The rally cry works. try it!

recommended reading: The 3 BIG QUESTIONS FOR A FRANTIC FAMILY by Patrick Lencioni

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