Auto University


Just came back from a trip to Baguio – the summer capital of the Philippines. Enjoyed time with family and siblings. One of the things I loved about long drive ( 11 hours total round trip) is that I get to learn a lot.

Going to Baguio – I learned from 3 incredible mentors:

1. Jim Rohn on leadership

2. Andy Stanley on running a church and treating your staff

3. Zig Ziglar on goals

In Baguio got to spend quality time with Mark Driscoll discussing about DATING, the emergent church and Predestination. Also had a wonderful worship time with Ross Parsley while walking the hills of Camp John Hay early morning with the cool wind refreshing you.

On the way home – I attended a lecture by Tim Keller on Christ-centered preaching and had a solid 2 hours on the why and how of preaching Christ. Also got to listen to Pastor Ed Lapiz and John Macarthur from Tarlac to Pampanga.

There is no reason why you can’t learn. The best lessons in life I learned while driving. Make your car your university. Look at the bright side of Metro Traffic!

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