A soon to be pastor approached me one Sunday and said he might take some more courses after his stint in Bible School. I was surprised to hear the course which is in no way related to his dream to become a pastor. I asked why he wanted that course and his answer is a common answer we hear from a lot of young church planters and pastors:

What gives me the right to speak to you?
Why would you listen to me?
What right do I have to pastor you and lead a church?

Here was my answer:

If credibility is the reason people are going to my church then I am the wrong pastor for them to listen to. Here are the reasons why:

1. I never had a seminary degree.
2. I don’t know any Greek or Hebrew
3. I am very young to be a senior pastor
4. My wife speaks better than me.
5. My associate pastors have more credibility compared to me.
6. It is my first time to plant a church

and I could list a hundred more reasons why I can’t plant a church.

But why would people want to follow your leadership:


Seth Godin hit it right when he said that:

Authenticity, for me, is doing what you promise, not “being who you are”.

What have you promised your congregation? What do they expect when they come to church? Are we serving what we have promised?

1. Do we deliver worship services that are life changing, Christ centered and relevant?
2. Do we make disciples?
3. Do we take care of the needs of the flock?

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