Are you Future-Ready?


How are you going to build your career or business? As men we have to be planners and we need a game plan. If you are in your teen years and you are reading this – you are way ahead of the game because you have the power to choose the path that you want.



Am I building towards being financially free and walking in a path of time and financial freedom or am I looking at working till the day I die because I cannot afford not not to work? I have nothing against you planning to work till the day you die but not to plan and dream for something better might be irresponsibility.

Take time right now to map out your plan. In my book Act Like a Man, I shared about reverse engineering your life that has proved to be helpful for me and my family in planning for the future and making it happen. It would be great if you could get that tool and answer the questions in the book to help you navigate your life.

I’m praying with you to have a bright future ahead!