Guest Blogger: Thammie Sy on Fatherhood


I’m not sure if a lot of people know this, but I AM a daddy’s girl. I grew up thinking that if ever I do get married, that man had to be just like my dad. Amazingly, in more ways than one, Dennis does have the characteristics I love and respect most about my dad. When I am with them, I always feel like the most secure, accepted, significant, and beautiful girl in the world! They both go out of their way to let the people around them feel loved and important. My dad and Dennis would always tell their friends how I make them look good, but the reality is, my dad and Dennis ACTUALLY  make me better.

I grew up having great memories with my dad. As busy as he was because of his medical practice,  he made sure he spent quality time with me– he MADE time for me. I blame part of my being a nerd on him (yes, NOW I’m admitting I am KIND OF nerd-ish), not only because he himself is a nerd, but because he used to go home bringing me one “installment” per day of a set of encyclopedia (one book each day). At that time, he made it seem like it was the most expensive and most wonderful gift in the world! :)

He was also my first sunday school teacher. At a very young age, my dad taught me about the Bible. I would not forget the very first memory verse he taught me that made me want to make sure I was going to be with God in heaven when I leave this earth: “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2)…I guess as a child I imagined having that magic castle in heaven prepared just for me– and I wanted that! :)

As I entered high school, my dad all the more made sure that he spent more time with me. Several nights in a week, even if it was a school night, he would bring home doughnuts and we would have coffee or milk to go with it. Until now, I NEED to have sweets to go along with my coffee– it’s simply a MUST. :)

My dad is one of the most affectionate men I know. He doesn’t feel the least bit awkward to express his emotions to his children. From when I was a little girl up until when I was in college (and until now!), he would always let me know how proud he was and how much he loved me. Because of my relationship with my dad, I never felt the need to look for affection and acceptance anywhere else.  I had more than enough at home. :)

When Dennis was pursuing me and I had my doubts as to whether or not I would say yes to him, it was my dad who helped me sort through my thoughts, fears, and emotions. He was there to guide me, and is still guiding me until now. He understands my thought processes and the ways of my emotions, thus is able to give me wise counsel a lot of times. :)

My dad may have not realized it at that time– and maybe he still does not know it, but all those little, seemingly insignificant times he invested in me has made all the difference in the person I am now. The relationship he DELIBERATELY built with me has had probably the biggest impact as to how I relate with other people now. The character and values he taught me  has created the platform upon which I could best glorify God in every area and every season of my life.

I live a blessed life today, because my dad has shown me what it means to obey God and honor Him as my Lord. :)

Dads, please don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that those ten minutes of story-telling time you spend every night with your children would not have an impact in their lives. Please don’t ever think that those short three to five sentences worth of prayers would not significantly change their destinies. Please don’t belittle the times when you put aside your computer just to be able to look your children in the eye as they ask you the most senseless questions….because I am living proof that those things do in fact make a difference.

Papa, I love you so much. Saying thank you is not even enough to express the deep gratitude that I really feel in my heart. :)


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