Altitude determines your Attitude

Here is an observation: People who are closer to God tend to have a better outlook in life.

I was recently counselling someone who felt that life was getting boring, that he was underchallenged and life is not really as exciting as he thought it should be. He started complaining about trivial stuff and would usually just lock himself in his room.

So I asked him: ” How is your faith in God?”

And he said -” Not very good.”

I’ve known this man for many years. He is a man of faith but something change when he started drifting away from God. His countenance changed. His attitude in life ecame bleak. He was back to being negative again.

You see our ALTITUDE ( our walk with God) determines our ATTITUDE.

As Christians the source of our strength, blessing and grace is found in Christ alone. We can try to pump ourself up but in the end we know that it is an act of futility.

Phil. 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

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