all my bags are packed

This week has really drained my energy. We are about to move to our new place in San Juan which makes me a legitimate San Juanites. Anyway, 2 days ago I hurt my back carrying so many stuff and the pain has really made me slower thus delaying the packing process.

Tonight – we have finished arranging all our books and would held a JUNE 12 moving out sale. One of the things Ive realized is that through the years we have accumulated so many stuff that if you think about it now, you would ask why in the world did I buy this stuff.

We have managed also to make our house look like a bookstore. I was surprised that almost 20 boxes are just for books. Thammie and I decided to have a moving out sale so we could dispose of some of the stuff as we move to a smaller place. I hope you guys can visit us this Monday at our place form 9am to 7pm

For directions visit my facebook page and message me since I dont want my address to be made public.

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