a very early morning dilemna

Woke up really early this morning to leave my house to beat the color coding of Metro Manila. Color coding starts at 7am so I have to be in Greenhills before 7am.

My planned schedule was supposed to be:

6am – wake up

630 – leave for GH

7am – gym

8am – breakfast

830-945am – read a good book/ blog

Here is what actually happened:

6am  – wake up

630 leave for GH ( had a hard time getting to the car because of the strong rain)

7am – still on the road trying to elude San Juan police so as not to get the color coding violation

730 – parked and felt really sleepy

732 – was dreaming some weird dreams

805 – woke up from the dream

810 – ready to go to the gym – opened the car trunk and couldn’t find my gym bag that contains my work clothes, towel and shampoo.

812 – searched the whole car to no avail. I forgot my GYM BAG!

815 – decided to eat some salad – no salad in any establishments here in GH that are open at 8am.

830 – ate some fruits

845 – blogging this entry

So today’s work uniform is

Nike shirt, shorts, white socks and running shoes. I wanted to go back home to get my gym bag bt would definitely be late for meeting with the crazy San Juan traffic.

What is the moral of the lesson: You tell me!

Good morning God!!!

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