99 and 1

Our 1st discipleship convergence in ULTRA last Saturday was AWESOME!!!
– seeing 6000 leaders ready to take the gospel to the world was a thrilling sight.
– how in the world could we have 6000 leaders in Metro Manila?
– it was what was pass on to us and imparted to us by the leaders who have built the culture of our church.
– I owe my salvation to God and I owe Him for the mentors He has placed in my life.
– I was privileged to share the stage with my mentor and good friend Pastor Ferdie as we shared how people matter to God.
– i remember how Pastor Ferdie would go to our house every week discipling and mentoring me and my brothers. We would often ask ourself why he would do such a thing?
– now I understand, He knew that people matter to God. I MATTER TO GOD. YOU matter to God.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”
Luke 19:10

Once in earth’s history, Jesus made an all out search for me! He left the 99 sheep and searched for that ONE LOST SHEEP!