7 major time wasters

According to Brian Tracy here are 7 major time wasterstime

1. Telephone interruptions.

Make sure to have someone screen your calls if not the girl who sells tupperwares over the phone would get your time, the stranger who got your number in your church website would get your time.

2. Unexpected visitors.

Minimum time an unexpected visitor gets from you is 30 minutes. It could go as long as 3 hours so you end up saying what did I do today?

3. Meetings

I recommend the book death by meeting by Patrick Lencioni to end all boring meetings

4. Fire fighting and emergencies.

That is why systems and rules should be implemented in the office to minimize fire fighting and emergencies. We are not hired to be trouble shooters.

5. Procrastination.

Set a deadline to the important tasks you have to do.

6. Idle conversations.

The small talks add up. You know what I mean.

7. Indecision and delay

Unnecessary delays is costing organizations thousands of pesos every day. Decide or lose money.