30 books that shaped me


Everybody knows I love books. My house is literally a bookstore. Not only do I love reading books – I collect them. If others collect game cards, other cars – I collect books. So here are th 30 books that shaped me

1. BIBLE – I’ve read it from cover to cover every year since I was 13 years old.readingbook225x300

2. DRIVE by Larry Bird – first book I have ever read. Thanks Nick!

3. The Fire of His Holiness by Sergio Scagatalini ( hope I spelled it right) – this started my path to purity.

4. Christianity with Power by Charles Kraft – revolutionize how I do ministry

5. The Adversary by Mark Bubeck – first book on demons that i read

6. Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey – best finance book I have ever read.

7. Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn – victory over porn/lust./ masturbation – you got to have this book

8. FOCUS by Al Ries – highly recommended book for every church planter and businessman

9. WILD AT HEART by John Eldridge – read this book and it made me the MAN!

10. AXIOM by Bill Hybels – this made me a better leader

11. THE 5 DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM by Patrick Lencioni – the best book on teamwork

12. Strengths Finder by Tom Rath – Got to know more about me

13. SURVIVAL IS NOT ENOUGH by Seth Godin – best book on feedback. Everybody needs a feedback system

14. The Holiness of God by Rc Sproul – this made me understood the God I worship.

15. PURPLE COW by Seth Godin – remarkable, remarkable, remarkable

16. BODY FOR LIFE – this book will shape me!!!

17. 7 pillars of health by Don Colbert – healthy is the way. Starting on it now.

18. Automatic Millionaire by David Bach – this is how I manage my money today

19. 7 PRACTICES OF EFFECTIVE MINISTRY – this book helped me plant the Greenhills church

20. SIMPLE CHURCH by Thom Rainer – this made planting church simple.

21. CREATING MAGIC – the disney magic – you have to highlight the whole book

22. THE BLESSED LIFE by Robert Morris – generosity. If you are stingy, read this book

23. LOVE IS THE KILLER APP by Tim Sanders – changed how I read, network with people, and how I give value to people.

24. PREACHING AND PREACHERS by DM Lloyd Jones – preaching the Word is the highest calling

25. CHOOSING TO CHEAT by Andy Stanley – family or work? FAMILY!!!

26. IT by Craig Groeschel – the most balance book on running a church and leading your team

27. COMMUNICATING FOR A CHANGE by Andy Stanley – changed the way I communicate

28. VINTAGE CHURCH by Mark Driscoll – the best resource on what a church should be

29. STICKY CHURCH by Larry Osborne – discipleship is relationship

30. LOST AND FOUND by Ed Stetzer – the reason youth ministry is a priority

Some of the books are available in bookworm.ph Just click on the title