28 reasons I love Thammie


1. She loves Jesus. This has been the X factor in our marriage. Since she loves Jesus more than me, she can learn to love me by His grace.

2. Prayer warrior. I feel more strength knowing that my wife prays for me.

3. She makes the best food partner.A lifetime of food trip with someone who loves food.

4. Great mother. Ask my daughters and they will say the same.

5. Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray. Thammie does the best house makeover on a very tight budget. How she manages to squeeze the money I give her is a miracle.

6. Simple living. When I was courting her one of the question I asked is if she was willing to live a simple life. Without hesitation she said YES and now she is more simpler than me.

7. Beautiful.

8. Loves to take care of ME!!!

9. Trooper. Cowgirl. Place her anywhere and she thrives.

10. Worshipper. Thammie and God connects like in an instant.

11. One of the most beautiful singing voice I’ve heard.

12. Sense of humor. Thammie is actually funnier than me.

13. Loves her family.

14. Humble – she topped the board in PT in 2003 and nobody knows except you who just read this.

15. Sacrificial. Thammie sacrificed her medical dreams because she wanted to focus on building a family.

16. Makulit in a good way. Thammie would always ask ” funny ba ako, funny ba ako, funny ba ako”

17. Fighter. She never backs down and she gives you a clean fight. Some fight dirty. Thammie fights clean.

18. Submissive. Some thought Thammie would have a hard time submitting to me. I think they are looking at the outward appearance – Thammie is such a submissive wife. (Ok Thammie, I wrote this down just like you told me to) HAHA! But she really is a very submissive wife.

19. Intelligent. I was looking for someone who I could have an intelligent conversation and God answered my prayer. Thammie prayed the same thing and God has not yet answered her prayers.

20. Graceful. She might be makulit but surprisingly she is such a graceful girl. Graceful in her words and deeds.

21. Consistent. It is great to have a partner who is consistent in her attitude and outlook in life. She is also consistent in showing her love, support and affection on me.

22. What you see is what you get.

23. She knows her priorities. I think this is the reason I love going home. House is clean, kids are behaved most of the time and your wife is so like drop dead gorgeous. Priorities.

24. Faith. God gave her a bigger measure of faith. She prays for free houses, cars, gadgets and most of the time she gets it.

25. Resourceful. On a tight budget, Thammie can make the most beautiful house, the best tasting dishes and the most memorable gifts (wink)

26. Patient. Her patience is tasted almost everyday. She lives with me and I am amazed that she could stand me and seriously loves me.

27. For her commitment to our marriage. She fights for our marriage, our time, our date nights, our spiritual walk. In a lot of ways she co-leads with me.

28. For being Thammie. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful partner, wife, mother and friend.

Happy 28th Birthday my love!!!

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