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August 24, 2009

you changed my life

I watched “You changed my Life” by John Lloyd and Sarah G last night to unwind from a hectic Sunday workday. We finished the movie at 130am. My friend Nick was just raving how beautiful Sarah G is and all so we decided to watch the movie and nag-enjoy din naman kami sa A Very Special Love – their first movie (hehe)ycml-sarah-john-lloyd-1

Here are some lessons we’ve learned that I know would changed our lives forever:

1. Unconditional love cannot be measured.

2. People are your assets. When John Lloyd took opver the business he became a slave driver. Know the limit of your workforce.

3. Nothing beats a cheerful partner. Sarah was your perfect girlfriend – aside from their sweet Bebe moments, she never nags, she never discourages. She was the #1 fan of Miggy.

4. Cheesy pick up lines are cheesy but it still works….

LAIDA: Wish ko isa na lang akong letter V


LAIDA: Para I’m always next to U.

5. Power Hugs and Power Kisses are powerful. Note to myself to always hug and kiss my wife before going to work.


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