Write Now! Live Workshop


Hi, last week I shared with the Write Now community that I’ve decided to do a live seminar of my writing workshop that I was going to offer exclusively online. Because of the demand to do a live one- I’ll need an exclusive group of 20 students to make this happen.

As of this email –  I have received more than 20 inquiries already.

This will be my first and last live Write Now! Seminar for 2016.

It’s FILLED with materials to help you how to write your book and spread it like a virus like how I did with my first three books.

But again, space is limited.

I’ll do my part, but you have to invest in YOU and secure your spot…

This live Write Now seminar is the entry to the knowledge and mental architecture employed by best-selling authors.

So I f you want to take your writing and publishing to the next level, I have to know if you are willing to commit to this because I am determined to seeing you change the world with your ideas.

I don’t want you to be the best writing author. I want to see you become a best-selling author.

14650082_10154431004965358_8540310986383144464_nBut be ready, because GAME-CHANGERS take risks.

Here are the details of the seminar.


VENUE: Max’s Restaurant Greenhills


What’s included in the live seminar:

  1. Write Now Manual
  2. Write Now Book Brainstorming Planner
  3. Free Lunch


  1. Free Facebook community that will give you access to community support
  2. Fifteen minutes Viber os Skype coaching for the month of December

During my 1st book launch, I had to go through a lot of trial and errors that cost me a lot. I don’t want you to make costly mistakes in spreading your book.

Now on my 3rd best-selling book and e-book (Amazon.com), I have learned how to do it and would like to share them with you.

The total value of Write Now! How to write your book and Spread it like a Virus is P60,000 but I don’t want to charge that high. I have people along the way who have helped me on this writing journey, and I would like to help you as well.

For the upcoming live Write Now seminar, that includes all the bonuses I have mentioned above, the learning investment will only be P30,000.

But because you are the first batch- I will be giving a special offer.

For the year’s first and last seminar, the learning investment will only be P15,000. Next year, the same writing workshop will be at P30,000.

But since it’s Christmas in the Philippines at this time of the year, just for this 1st batch – the learning investment for this go around will be P10,000. That’s a 70% discount! Advanced Merry Christmas!

If you are interested in joining the first and the only batch for 2016, here is how you can join:

  • Deposit P10000.00  to BPI saving account #0829-0253-02 ,  Account Name: Dennis Sy. or 
  • Deposit to Banco De Oro (BDO) savings account #00235-009-3308, Account Name: Dennis Sy
  • Scan or take a photo of the deposit slip and email to dennis2059@gmail.com along with your name, and mobile phone number.

Excited for your journey,

Dennis Sy