May 15, 2012

World Prayer Assembly Day 2

We start day 2 with a blast. Though still catching up with my sleep since day 1, the plenary sessions and tracks (workshops) were life changing.

Plenary Session this morning had Brian Mills share about the Global Trends happening in our midst and how we should respond as a church. Some of his striking statements are:

There is an uptrend of older people because of the trend worldwide of not encouraging couple to have children. We have to rethink our strategies on reaching the older generation.

The global problems we have from natural calamities and man made calamities should make us think as a church on how we need to respond. The church must be ready when things like these happen.

We also prayed for Egypt where God is doing a great work and revival. Pastor Bennie Mostert shared how a sweep of revival fire has come down upon Egypt. It made me realized that there is nothing impossible with God. A new wave is literally coming in the nations.

In the afternoon  I attended the track of George Otis Jr on Lessons and Principles of Social Transformation and Spiritual Revival through Prayer. Did not finish it though since some of our team members were there to attend. We plan to exchange stories after the event. I decided to go the the hall for YOUTH PRAYER NETWORKS AND MOVEMENTS. As I enter the hall, I already sense such a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and I just can’t leave the room.

We then had a break and I was scheduled to teach with some fellow youth leaders around the world. It was indeed a great privilege and honor to share the pulpit with people transforming the nations. I was really pumped up and nervous and just preached away what I believe the Holy Spirit wants to say to my generation.

Steve Chua of the United States and president of REGENERATION shared about the fatherlessness and how the love of the Father is enough for this generation. The time of ministry was awesome as people released forgiveness to the older generation and received healing from the heavenly Father.

I shared about my experience of how God had to break me from running a successful youth program and then failing in ministry which was actually a turning point in my life. The gospel has liberated me from performing for others and for God. I asked the people to repent of their pride and come broken before God. It was tough speaking with an interpreter but I would forever cherished the experience.

Pastor Lim of Korea, the dancing pastor, preached on how we can find our self esteem in Christ alone and how God is regenerating His people to do His work.

Isaac Lee from Malaysia was phenomenal as he shared about the need for our generation to have conviction and not just information.

Prophet Cindy Jacob closed the meeting by asking the Holy Spirit to impart His power to this generation.

Once again thank you to Pastor Jerome Ocampo, founder of JREV, for giving me an opportunity to share my heart. I am really inspired to think more global today as I see countries and nations being changed by the gospel through prayer.


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