November 13, 2010

Why I don’t want you to get rich

…. because people who get rich would eventually be poor again. The world teaches us how to get rich. We have seen millions of people gamble their hard earned money because they want to get rich. I have personally heard people encouraging other people to steal to get rich. Get rich no matter what – and at the end of the day they become poorer.

My prayer is not for people to get rich but to BE RICH. Big difference. Being rich is understanding wealth and finance. Being rich is understanding the true source of our wealth. Being rich is not letting money take control of us but being in control of your money. Being rich gives us every reason to be generous.

If you want to be rich – then I have something in store for you. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be teaching with financial coach Chinkee Tan on how to live in the OVERFLOW@ Music Museum every Sunday till November 28. Here are the schedules:

November 14: The purpose of OVERFLOW

November 21: The SECRET to OVERFLOW

November 28: Can’t wait to OVERFLOW?

Invite your family and friends to come. Free admission – limited seats only.


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