Why he did not run for election



Was having dinner with my good friend Carlo Ople who is being groomed to be a congressman. An opportunity opened for him and almost everybody was urging him to run for congress. He had a good shot in winning this 2010. He has a good political name and is one of the most creative, intelligent guys I’ve met.

But he declined though I knew how much he wanted to run. So I ask him why he declined the post being offered to him. His answer is one for the books and I hope many political aspirants would have the same spirit as this man had.

He said there were a number of reasons why he declined.

1. He was given a choice – relationship vs ambition. At this season of his life, he prioritized his relationship with his soon to be wife. He then said how hard it is to start a family and enter politics at the same time. He has seen lives destroyed because of the choices made at the wrong time.

It takes guts and courage to admit that and I truly admire his honesty. We all know how dirty politics is and it takes a man of extreme solid character of integrity (tested through time and experience) to really overcome the temptation that politics can offer. This man knew his time has not come but I also know when the time comes – this man will be ready.

How sad it is to see so many political aspirants getting into politics not knowing what lies ahead. Politics is not a game. It can eat you up if your heart and character is not ready.

Advice for politicians wanna be:

1. Build your character first. You can’t lead millions of Filipinos if you can’t lead yourself, your family, your business.
2. More than political authority – leaders need to have the moral authority to lead. Leaders with moral authority are leaders worth following.

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