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September 24, 2015

Who is Praying for You?

Every pastor needs an intercessor or a prayer partner. Imagine being given a task so big that you don’t have a prayer partner who covers you and your wife in a very important mission to advance the kingdom of God.

In God’s kingdom, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in the spiritual realm. That means as a pastor, we need to enlist men and women who would pray for us.

Thammie and I are blessed to have prayer partners who prays for us on a regular basis. I know that every  time I need a prayer and even in days when battles are tough, somebody is covering us in prayer whether we call them to pray or not. 10523098_10152820236095358_156007641415547147_n (1)

One of those loyal prayer partner is Estela de Jesus. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me and Thammie. Because of her love for Jesus and her burden to pray for her pastors – we have seen such a powerful influence prayer has over our ministry and our family.

Tita Estela, you have been more than just a friend. I think our family has bonded deeper than friendship – you have been our deepest prayer partner. You and Boni have always been there for us. How I pray that every pastor would have a prayer partner who would pray for them with intensity and passion like you do for us.

Thank you so much!