what’s IT?


I was being interviewed last Thursday and was asked “What is the IT factor of Victory?”, “What is the magic that keeps this movement alive and growing?”


1. Leadership is not positional. For the past 18 years of being in Victory – it has not only been preached but lived out by our leaders what biblical leadership is all about. IT IS NEVER ABOUT TITLES AND POSITIONS. With the hundreds of organizational changes in our structure ( moving from different roles “senior pastor – associate pastor” or ministry head to team member) there were no qualms about it. Some of the most secure people I know are in our church.

Leadership is about taking people from where they are to where you want them to be whatever it takes. This has been exemplified and lived out in our church and I am loving it!

2. Empowered leaders – since day one of our ministry stories about new believers being taught how to preach and make disciples because they were one chapter ahead or one week ahead is still being practiced in principle today.

When I was sent to Greenhills to plant a church I was asking myself WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY SENT ME TO PASTOR A CHURCH? Answer: Why not?

And when I mean empowered, it was not just through the laying of hands but we were given the tools and the training needed to do it. Reminds me of how David made the plans for the temple and then gave the plans to Solomon.

3. HUMILITY. After bragging about the “IT” – this may seem contradictory. But the example Pastor Steve and Deborah Murrell has lived out is the perfect picture of servant leadership. It was never about them. Pastor Steve is Steve Nash in the spirit. He makes everybody look good. He knows when to pass the ball and he knows when he needs to step in and score the winning basket.

4. Multi-generational thinking – When Pastor Steve asked the crowd in Araneta if they were born after 1984 almost half of the crowd lifted their hands. We never really experienced the riot in Mendiola, the Marcos regime, the brownouts. Most of the people in church where non-existent in 1984 but the crowd that was in Araneta last night had the spirit of 1984 -“Discipling the next Generation.” Victory church will always be multi generational. Spiritual fathers ahead of us gave us a chance to lead with them and my dream is that when I grow old I will pass the ball to the younger generation and lead with them as well.