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September 20, 2012

What Organizations Can Learn from Enrile and Trillianes

In every organization, we will have disagreements and conflicts. I think it is something you cannot avoid but what happened yesterday was avoidable. Senate president Enrile and Senator Trillianes engaged in a heated argument, some remarks made that were below the belt. In the end, Trillianes walked out of the Senate floor.

Here is one major lesson we can learn from this: Most of the damaging effects in an organization is INTERNAL and rarely EXTERNAL.

Conflicts of that magnitude should be confined in a private Senate session. Senator Enrile and Trillianes should have settled their differences not in front of the whole Philippines. The action they did brought only negative emotions among our countrymen. It communicated to our fellow Filipinos that our Senators are not working towards a bigger picture. Both might have good motives but the way they did it yesterday was a major fail.

It showed that there is an ABSENCE of TRUST. And every time there is mistrust, there is a dysfunction.

In churches and organizations, most of the problems happen when we don’t have a clear internal communication. Churches that split rarely split because of external factors – it is always internal.

The challenge for us as pastors is to build a cohesive team. A team that knows the big picture and are geared towards making our corporate goal a reality.

Ideas taken from the book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business