What leaders can learn from Villar and Noynoy


The race is closer than ever. Noynoy started strong but it seems Villar is catching up. You might ask why? It is very simple that every preacher must understand this.


Manny Villar has a story. Noynoy has none.

Villar is a poor boy from a poor family. From being Tondo boy – with determination and hardwork – he made it big time. He tells us a story that inspires Filipinos to dream and work on their dreams and they could be the next Manny Villar.

Noynoy – no story. Just facts. Son of Ninoy and Cory. Brother of Kris and Uncle of Baby James. People can relate to his parents. The story of Ninoy and Cory have inspired people and attracted votes for Noynoy but unless Noynoy tells a story the people won’t follow.


As a pastor who preaches every week – we are given an opportunity to preach the absolute truth. Filipinos believe in the Bible. They profess their faith in God but most of them are not in church because we have failed to share a story out of the facts of Scripture and God. We have made the most exciting and life changing truth of the WORD unrelatable.

So next time you see children singing Villar’s campaign jingle – let’s be reminded that FACTS TELL but STORIES SELL.

Here is Manny’s story and compare it to Noynoy’s Ad