on discipleship

June 11, 2013

What Kind of a Discipleship Group do you Have?

According to a recent talk Pastor Steve, author of WikiChurch: Making discipleship engaging, empowering, and viral, there are actually three kinds of discipleship groups.

steve murrell

The first group functions like a basin. This group tend to just catch all the members and disciple them for life. There is no plan to make the group grow nor to empower people to go and make disciples. They are stuck for life!


Some are like Colanders. They are groups that are scattered and defocus on what really matters. Colander groups go everywhere. They follow the latest trends in the Christian world. They tend to stop making disciples because they are busy doing other ministries that does not end in discipleship.


What we need to become are to be like funnels. We need to make sure that the people we disciple need to know where we are leading them. In Victory, we have our 4 E’s. The discipleship funnel moves our people from the process of Engaging Culture and Community, Establish in the Faith, Word and the Church, Equip Believers to do the Ministry and to Empower Disciples to make Disciples.

Question is: What kind of group are you leading or are you in?