August 10, 2014

We All Need Prayer Partners

1001151_10200106352770883_1711335007_nIt was almost four years ago when one of our Victory Group leader Estela de Jesus approached me asking if she could help lead and mobilize the church to prayer by forming prayer teams. She also took on the task of being a prayer partner to me and my family.

When Tita Estela started a small prayer group three years ago, we would never imagine that what started out as a small prayer group of 3 and 4 has now been a weekly prayer meeting gathering of close to 200 people praying every Wednesday.

Through Estela’s leadership, she has helped and equipped Christians, young and old, to tap into the power of prayer. Now mind you, Estela is a busy woman. She is a business woman, a house wife, a productive Victory Group Leader and with all that she devoted time to see prayer is practiced in her local church.

The church is blessed with people like her – who saw a need and took action. She did not need the prodding or the encouragement – she just did her part.

Same with discipleship. When a lot of older people would say it’s our time to relax in the ministry, she started discipling young women and singles, mothers and anyone willing to be discipled. Most of our fruitful leaders in church where discipled by Estela.

But more than her ministry, what I am thankful for is that Estela is a friend. She has been a constant encourager to me and Thammie, helping us navigate through our 3rd decade of existence and our marriage. Estela and Boni, are mentors. They have helped us in our faith journey and leadership journey.

We are blessed by your life.