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January 29, 2015

The Holy Spirit is not just WAM, BAM, ZAP

Most of us who have watched the Christian channel might be exposed to TV evangelist laying hands on people and being slained in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like a force that cannot be stopped. I think such analogy is unfair.

Why? Because the Holy Spirit is not a force but a person. He is part of the trinity. The Holy Spirit is more than just WAM,BAM, ZAP – though we cannot discount that it happens in some meetings. But the primary job of the Holy Spirit is not to slain us – the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict sins, refine us to purity and empower us to live Christ-like lives. The Holy Spirit’s job is to empower us to go and make disciples and not just have a display of WAM, BAM, ZAP that a lot of Christians are focusing on.

It is sad to see people settle for a religious experience rather than embrace the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. When we make the Holy Spirit into a selfish focus, we lose the why of the Holy Spirit. We diminish the WHO of the Holy Spirit and we abuse the WHAT of the Holy Spirit. In short – we are missing the whole point of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit comes in power. He also comes to burn the sins in our lives. He comes with conviction, searching our motives, uprooting our unforgiveness and shattering our pride. – J. Lee Grady