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April 05, 2011


The mission and vision statement of the church might change. I have been a long time member of Victory. Our vision statement have undergone changes. I could still remember way back 1992 when our vision statement reads:

Victory exists to honor God and make disciples by planting churches, campus ministry and world missions in Philippines, Asia and the world.

Today Victory’s vision statement is:

We exist to Honor God and Make Disciples.

We changed the statement but the values remain the same.

Values would determine your vision. What you value, you keep. What you value you pass on. What we value in church must be raised up, taught about and celebrated on a regular basis.

Our values remain the same after almost 30 years. Every church plant of Victory values:

1. The next generation.

2. World Missions

3. Church Planting

4. Discipleship.

5. Marriage and Family.

6. Jesus.