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June 03, 2009

to vlog or to audio podcast

With the recent resurgence of Video Blogs by Pastor La (www.lamumar.wordpress.com) and Pastor King Reyes (www.kingreyes.wordpress.com) I have been contemplating on doing one as well. But here is my problem:

img_00091I am not comfortable with the camera in front of me. I failed my English 2 class in college because of the video camera. I am not cut out for showbiz like the 2 pastors I mentioned in this blog.

But it is not what I feel but I want to make a survey:

Would you rather have a VLOG or an audio podcast. There are pros and cons for both but I want to hear your thoughts about it.

I am definitely pushing through with the CLUELESS  AUDIO PODCAST this month so watch out for that. Pastor Chinkee would be co hosting that podcast with me and we would have some very interesting interviews and guest. It is a podcast for the CLUELESS LEADER and PASTOR. Excited about it.

Anyway so please answer the question:

Would you rather have a VLOG or an audio podcast.


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