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March 20, 2011

The Turning Point

All of us are given an opportunity to seize the moment. Some call it the turning point of their life, some say it was the defining moment. It is that moment when you grab a hold of that encounter and it defined how you live now.

The turning point is a powerful thing.

Some people embrace a turning point that defined them. Some embraced a traumatic moment like a death of a loved one, a confrontation that did not go as well, a divorce, a failed relationship and it led them to live a life that is mediocre and adventureless.

Some people embrace a moment when things did not go well and turned it around and seize the opportunity given to them to bounce back and it changed them forever. Some in their lowest point met Jesus and it was their turning point.

What if you knew there was a divine moment, one where Jesus comes in such a way that nothing would be the same again? How would you treat that defining moment? How would you seize it?

For the next three weeks, Victory churches in Metro Manila are going to preach on turning point. I am so excited to share stories of people who seize the moment and turned their life around. If you are looking for a turning point in your life, I invite you to join us at Music Museum, 230pm, 430pm and 630pm every Sunday for the next three Sundays. Don’t let this opportunity pass, seize the moment.

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