on marriage

February 14, 2011

The Preacher’s Wife

Yesterday was a first in so many ways:

1. First time ever in church that we had couples do the transition and offering.

2. First time ever that we had two people preaching.

3. First time that Thammie preached in church and she did an amazing and wonderful job talking about marriage and preparation.

Thammie was never known as the preacher’s wife. In fact in the first two years of the church she was never really visible because she gave birth to Mika the time we planted the church in Greenhills.

I could still remember some people asking her how long she has been attending church and she would sheepishly answer -” well since the beginning of the church” but she would never identify herself as my wife.

Ever since we started the church, we have deliberately made it clear that my wife is not a paid staff and if ever she gets involved in ministry we would treat her as a volunteer and not the pastor’s wife.

To Thammie,

Thanks for being such a wonderful wife and mother to my kids. Thanks for prioritizing us before ministry. I know how hard it is easy to not get so active in ministry the first few years but you still choose to make your family your ministry.

Thammie, thanks also for serving the church in whatever capacity you can. From leading worship once a month and to boldly stepping out in faith by co-preaching with me yesterday.

Thammie, I love you and happy valentines.

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