November 26, 2015

The Power of Accountability in leadership

In the past eight years as senior pastor of Victory Greenhills, I have had my share of some weird conversations on church leadership and church structure. As some of you might know – Victory Greenhills is part of Victory Metro Manila. Every time a Victory church is planted in the Philippines – we would always move as a team. Our founder, Pastor Steve would always remind us – we are one church in 16 locations in Metro Manila.

When one church wins – we all win. When one church experiences difficulty – we all feel and do something about it. Thus when Greenhills was planted, I had the support not just of one church but of 15 churches. We are one church.

So let me share to you a weird conversation I had, three years into being a senior pastor that once again happened this year.

Concerned person: “Dennis, I feel sad for you. I feel like you are being muzzled and not being used to your full potential because you are part of a bigger church.”

When somebody told me that 5 years ago  I gave an answer so passionate it caught her off-guard.

Dennis: “Concerned citizen, thank you for your concern but I think you don’t know what you are saying. I am the happiest pastor on the city because of my church community and the leaders who believed in me, equipped me, empowered me and takes good care of me.” I thank God for my pastors who are like my brothers who is not just concerned with me professionally but also take time to mentor me and disciple me. I know I will always have men and women whom I can run to anytime I need help and guidance and that is something money can’t buy. And it doesn’t end with me – they also know what is happening with my wife, my kids and our well-being.”

Another thing that I am thankful for with our leadership set-up and culture is that I am accountable with my fellow pastors theologically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically. Because we are one church in different locations – we take time to meet together and pray together and share life together. Aside from my best friends in Victory Greenhills, I have covenant relationships in Metro Manila, the province and even outside the Philippines. I am not the law. I am not the boss. I am a fellow servant among other men whom I am accountable with who also understands that ultimately we are accountable to God. For the past two decades, by the grace of God, Victory has never experienced any church split because of the high relational culture we have among each other.


There is power in community. Leadership is best developed in community. So next time you start thinking that leadership is lonely – it is really a choice you make. Don’t try to be independent. Lead in community.